Festivaltheater Acts


~the lilac gorilla~


Golila is a very rare and special animal , there is only one lilac-colored gorilla on the whole planet !

Golila is a very social , curious and gentle ape. This sweet animal likes to play, although sometimes he is very lazy too.

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Stone-Age Rocks !

~the Stone Giants~ 

Two imposing rock formations walk like mighty giants over the festival; the interaction with the audience is playful and friendly.

This surreal scene is a unique combination of sculpture and stilt-walking theater; a perfect walk-act for every festival !

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~the Journey to the West~ 

Giant Panda Wu Wei , the eastern Goddess Kwan Yin and the cheeky golden-haired monkey Sun Wukong together follow the path of Tao : a Chinese legend comes to life !

“PANDA” is a mystical walking-act , full of joy .

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The Dolmen

~the Time-traveling Cavemen~

Two cavemen made a travel through time with their magical dolmen from prehistoric times.

Miraculously, these early humans entered the modern world. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues !

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Terra's Pride

~the Hugging Stones~

Two stone lovers lovingly cherish their little baby- pebbles and proudly share them with the audience.

Terra’s Pride is a heart-warming act full of joyful emotion.

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~The Orangutan Living Statue !~


Wild Hog

~the time-traveling caveman~

The time traveling cavemen Urki and Baraka got lost in the black forest, there they found a big wild Hog.

Now they travel together to all festivals of modern man; a wonderful adventure full of funny situations.

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