The Grumpy Old Man

The Grumpy Old Man

(Living Statue)

Rain or the sunshine, somehow there’s always something that he doesn’t like. Still, there is humor behind his moodiness. His cranky character is very entertaining!

Grumpy Old Man is a living statue unlike you have ever seen before. Grumpy Old Man is funny and interactive. This “one-man-show” delivers a unique and hilarious spectacle that will get young and old to laugh out loud.

This living statue plays with a money jar (!), which is part of the act. Proceeds will go to a charity (as chosen by the customer)

Grumpy Old Man is perfect to combine with the Contented Man!

Grumpy Old Man won the following prizes:

  • First Prize, Best of Borne, NL 2012
  • Public Award , NK Living Statues, Valkenburg,  NL 2012
  • First Prize Entertainment, NK Living Statues, Valkenburg,  NL 2012
  • Second Prize, Den Bosch Beeldschoon, NL 2012
  • Public Award & Second Prize, Stiefkiekn, NL 2014
  • Public Award & Second Prize, Maastricht and Pause , NL 2014
  • First Price, Statues in the Streets, Oss, NL 2015
  • Public Award & First Prize , Living Statues Oosterhout, NL 2015
  • First Prize (Public Award) Statues en Marche , Marche-en-Famenne (BE) 2017
  • Public Award & Second Prize , B.K. Living Statues , Oostende (BE) 2017

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