~the lilac gorilla~

Golila is a very rare and special animal , there is only one lilac-colored gorilla on the whole planet !

Golila is a very social , curious and gentle ape. This sweet animal likes to play, although sometimes he is a little bit lazy too.

Golila, the lilac Gorilla is a miraculous interactive Walkact ; the ideal performance for every event ! Music festivals , Dance-Events , Street theatre festivals , Amusement parks ; Golila feels at Home everywhere , on any terrain.
Kids, adolescents and adults ; Golila entertains everyone !

Golila acts together with our own zookeeper as a supervisor, but the supervisor can also be arranged by the client. (Only at music festivals we always play with our own zookeeper/supervisor)

Price for a performance by Golila with zookeeper 3 x 30 minutes within a 4-hour daypart: €950

Golila solo (the animal caretaker/supervisor is then arranged by the client) 3 x 30 minutes within a 4-hour daypart: €725

Extra set of 30 minutes : €150,-

excluding 9% VAT / excluding travel costs €0.45 p/km from Oss v.v.

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