Welcome to the Krist Doo Festivaltheater website! Here you will find the most amazing street theatre & walking acts of artist and performer Krist Doo and his team. No matter which act you book, success is always guaranteed.

In 2024 our main focus is on Golila, our beloved lilac Gorila, which this year will be performed exclusively by Krist Doo. He is in top form (both physically and artistically) and has won more than 30 awards for his performances in the past 10 years

The amount of theatre-acts in our collection has recently shrunk due to a new direction. In recent years, due to the success of our company, we have grown significantly in the number of acts, the number of performances and the expansion of our player group. However, it was always our strength that we were a small company and were able to play and have fun at the highest possible level with just a few acts and a small permanent team of players.

We have therefore decided to reduce the number of acts, switch back to a smaller group of players and take on less work. In this way we leave enough time and space for the creative process and pleasure in our profession. Availability is therefore somewhat more limited then before but we can offer our customers and audience the best of the best ! 

From the beginning of 2024, living statues will no longer be offered from our company Krist Doo Festivaltheater.
Some of the well-known top-level living statues, such as the Grumpy Old Man and Orangutan, are still offered on the website statues-vivantes.com and are now only performed by Krist Doo himself.

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